Bluestone Honing- A Brief Guide

Bluestone Honing Melbourne

Before conducting an in-depth discussion, let us comprehend the definition of honing. Well, it is a process that involves polishing the stone, using an abrasion wheel. However, it is not enough to create the glossiness of a stone. The purpose of this process is to retain the rustic and natural beauty of the stone. So, […]

Terracotta Matte Finish Sealing: Timeless Beauty For Every Room

Terracotta Matte finish sealing Toorak

Terracotta flooring has been around for many decades and is still a popular choice for both homes and public places. It is a trendy option that can fit any interior decoration style. Like other natural stones, terracotta flooring requires proper maintenance to increase the curb appeal and ensure it lasts a lifetime. However, if you […]

Slate Striped and Sealing- Everything You Need to Know About it

Slate Striped and Sealing Hawthorn

Do you have slate floors installed in your house? You have made the right choice then. It is not only resistant to scratches, but it is also visually stunning. If you can maintain it properly, it will even become more resistant to chips, cracks, dust, and stains. Besides, it will become water-resistant. To further enhance […]

Travertine Crack Repair- 6 Outstanding Benefits it Has to Offer

Travertine Crack Repair Kew

Travertine is one of the most beautiful natural stones that bring classic appeal to a property. Besides, its timeless beauty is another reason why it has become a popular choice amongst homeowners. Perhaps, it is not immune to wear and tear, just like other natural stones. There is a possibility that it will come across […]

Terrazzo Polishing- It is time to shine bright

Terrazzo Polishing Kew

Terrazzo flooring has numerous benefits to offer. For instance, it is durable as well as sustainable. So, if you have this flooring installed in your house, consider it to be a good decision. It will serve your purpose for a long time. Perhaps, if you want to enhance the beauty and functionality of your flooring, […]

Bluestone Stain Removal- Keep Your Bluestone Free of Stains

Bluestone Stain removal Hawthorn

If you have patios, stairs, or walkways made of Bluestone installed in your home, consider it to be a good investment. They are not only durable, but they are also visually elegant. However, they lose their beauty and durability with time. Thus, to avoid this issue in the future, one of the best things that […]

Marble Floor Polishing- Give Your Marble Floor a Glittering Look

Marble Floor Polishing Hawthorn

Marble is one of the best options when it comes to flooring. It is not only durable, but it is also visually elegant. So, if you have a marble floor installed in your house, consider it to be a wise decision. Consider it to be a good investment. Thus, to ensure the functionality and beauty […]

Sandstone Grout Repair- Say Goodbye to Dirt and Grime

sandstone grout repair service in Kew,

Sandstone is a unique natural stone. The reason is that it arrives with numerous variations in texture and colour. Besides, it is a pretty durable material, which will stay by your side for a long time. Therefore, if you are investing in sandstone flooring, consider it to be a wise decision. However, there is a […]

Terracotta Sealing- Everything that you need to know about it

Terracotta Sealing in Hawthorn

Aus Floor offers Italian-backed services, products, and machinery for terracotta sealing and sandstone floor polishing in Melbourne. They are experts who can help maintain the aesthetic appeal of your terracotta floor. If you can dig out a bit, you will find out that these days, a lot of people are using terracotta tiling. The reason […]

Travertine Wall Polishing – A Brief Guide

Travertine Wall polishing Hawthorn

Aus Floor offers Italian-backed services, products, and machinery for travertine wall polishing in Melbourne. Our team of highly skilled travertine wall polishing experts can bring your walls back to life! Using specialized equipment and commercial-grade products formulated just for travertine. Do you have travertine walls in your house? Consider it to be a wise decision. […]