Etch marks, stains and scratches removal

Services that you must expect from our side

When it comes to home decor, Natural stone surfaces has a significant role to play. Thus, you can understand that stains, etch marks, and scratches can hamper the quality of your Natural stone surface. In that case, you can head towards our Aus Floor Care. We serve in and across Melbourne CBD, Victoria, and Melbourne Metro. We assure you that we will remove those unwanted things from your Valuable natural stone surfaces and make it look new again. Our experts are well-trained locally and internationally, and they know what they have to do to serve your purpose.

Etch mark removal

Etch arks on the Natural stone surfaces are visually disturbing, and we know how much you love your Natural stone surfaces. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to keep your surfaces unscratched, sometimes we end up etching our Stone surfaces. During those times, hiring our etch removal service will help you a lot. We use the best process and tools to get rid of those etch-marks. We make sure that your Stone surfaces stays harmless.

Stain removal

Another service that you can expect from your side is stain removal services. Sometimes, due to unwanted situations, we create some stains on our stone surfaces, which are quite hard to get rid of. For instance, if your Stone surface comes across chemical stains, you cannot remove them by utilizing DIY methods. Some common factors that can create stains in your Natural stone surfaces are Alcohol, lime juice, alkaline, and vinegar oil, chlorine, acid, and numerous other things. In that case, hiring our service can aid you. Our professionals will remove those stains and make your Stone surface visually stunning again.

Scratch removal

All of us have to come across scratches on our Natural stone surfaces at least once in our life. These scratches happen due to numerous reasons. For instance, if you are moving your furniture pieces from one place to another, it may cause scratches to your floor. So, give us a call whenever you feel like it, and we will be there to help you out. If you still have any questions, give our experts a call. Then all you have to do is to sit back and relax!

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