Dinning Tables

What do we provide?

Be it a dining table or other types of tables, natural stones are always a better alternative. They will bring an array of advantages to the boards. For instance, you don’t have to give much effort to maintain these tables. So, if you have one of those tables in your home, consider it to be a wise idea. Well, there is one pivotal thing that you have to keep in mind if you have a natural stone dining table at your home. To be precise, you need to take care of it to retain its durability as well as longevity. We are not saying that you have to invest a lot of time and effort, but it needs maintenance. For that, you have to come to us. We will take care of that. Our professionals at Aus Floor Care will take care of everything. We provide this service in and across Melbourne CBD, Melbourne Metro and Victoria. Thus, if you are living in one of those places, you must choose us amongst all.

We will make the table look new

You already have the table in your home. However, with time, it is losing its visual appeal. In that case, all you have to do is to polish the table and voila! It will look new again. In addition to that, polishing will help you to retain the quality of the table. It is also imperative when it comes to retaining the durability of the table.

Our experts will protect from the damage

Another reason for which hiring our services will be a great deal is that our experts will protect your dining table. We use the best quality sealers, which is best for protecting your table from further damages or for a bullet proof protection we highly recommend using IRONSKIN on your valuable stone surface.

We will polish your table

Polishing is our forte. We use specialized machines to remove thin layers from the natural stone tables with different stages of diamond abrasives, so that it provides matte or High Gloss finish. Thus, if you are looking for someone that can provide you with the services related to natural stones, you must call us or send inquire to our Aus Floor Care. We will take care of everything.

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