If the appearance of your flooring is imperative for you, going for sandstone flooring can be your ideal call. It will enhance the overall visual appeal of your home or your property. In addition, it will provide you with numerous other benefits. For instance, it will improve the durability of your floor and it is quite easy to maintain.

So, to enhance the overall functionality and beauty of your floor, the services that you will get from our side are sandstone polishing, sandstone honing, and sandstone sealing (Melbourne CBD, Melbourne Metro and Victoria).

What are the services that we provide?

We have a bunch of expert and skilled professionals working with us. All of them are precisely trained. Thus, when it comes to the quality of our services, you will not get a single chance to raise any issue. Therefore, keep all your confusions aside and opt for our services such as:

Sandstone honing

  • Honing will enhance the natural shininess of the stone.
  • It will make the floor compatible with more traffic.
  • Honing will make your floor slip resistant.

In addition to these services, we also provide Sandstone colour enhancement.

Sandstone sealing

  • Sealing will help you in stain prevention.
  • It will make your cleaning process effortless.


So, come to us and enjoy these services of ours. We promise you that dealing with our professionals will make you happy. Aus Floor Care will be your best alternative. 

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